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Enam History
ENAM was founded in 1984 to provide knowledge-driven financial services at a time when the Indian economy was being redefined by market-oriented reforms.
Our Transactions
We have a track record of long standing relationships.
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Enam Research
“Research and insight is the basis for everything we do”
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ENAM Conference 2011
Equity Broking-Institutional
Enam Securities Pvt. Ltd. is a member of The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.(BSE), as well as the National Stock Exchange (NSE).
Stock Broking (Non-Institutional)
ENAM Securities Direct Pvt Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ENAM Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Investment Banking & Advisory
We provide investment banking, corporate advisory, equity, debt and capital market services to companies and institutions.
Currency Derivatives
ENAM Securities Direct Pvt. Ltd. offers trading facilities to investors on the Currency derivatives segment of the NSE.
Distribution of financial products
ENAM is India’s leading distributor of financial products and services. Our vast network of trained franchisees across the country allows us to offer unrivalled reach for a host of financial service providers.
Private Banking
Investors today face a bewildering array of options. Most individuals are simply not able to devote enough time and developing adequate expertise to manage their assets optimally.
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Regulatory Documents

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Underwriter - INU000000704 | Merchant Banking - INM000006856
ENAM Securities Direct Pvt. Ltd. :: NSE Cash - INB231277535 | NSE F&O - INF231277535 | BSE Cash - INB011277531 | DP - IN-DP-CDSL-396-2007 | PMS - INP000002395 | NSE Currency Derivatives - INE231277535
ENAM ASSET Management Company Pvt. Ltd :: PMS - INP000000225